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Glam Booth

The celebrity-inspired Houston photo booth.

Glam Photo Booth

What is a Glam Booth? (“Kim K”)

The Glam Booth also known as our “Black and White Booth” offers beautiful B&W photos! The photos tend to be adorned with a custom logo or dainty signature and print as a 4X6 inch image for each guest in the photo.

This booth is perfect for those who want a celebrity-inspired experience! We are Houston’s go-to photo booth for this look.

Smooth Skin

The Glam Booth offers a beauty filter that will help illuminate your skin while providing the highly coveted black and white effect.

You and your guests will be feelin’ y’all selves! #flawless

two girls with smooth skin

High Resolution

Your guests will adore the quality of our black and white booth as the photos are taken with a professional camera and lighting equipment.

two couples taking glam booth picture

Custom Signature

The infamous B&W photos tend be accompanied by a dainty signature or logo. We can include any type of customization that you prefer. Let’s work together to make it special!

black and white custom signature

4×6 Prints

The Glam Booth is usually booked with a 4X6 single image template. However, you can choose from our 2X6 strips or 4X6 postcard prints. Whatever floats your boat!

multiple prints

Text & Email

Let’s be real, folks LOVE to share their glam photos on social. We will include our Sharing Station kiosk which allows guests to text and email themselves the images while at the event.

text and email feature display

Online Gallery

Every capture is immediately uploaded to a live gallery so that you can go back and relive the night!

Glam Booth Online Gallery

Fun Engagement that Everyone Loves 


Let’s get the Glam going

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