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Digi Booth

The modern Houston photo booth kiosk for events and installs.

What is a Digi Booth?

The Digi Booth is our all digital photo booth that allows guests to create and share personalized photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs! The content will be shared via text, email, QR code or Airdrop.

It is the perfect experience for social media lovers!

Stunning Backdrops

We offer an array of stunning backdrops made to elevate your event. Our collection is unlike any other you will find in Houston.

Choose from our sleek fabric, sequin or 3D flower walls. We can also include custom signage upon request.

Digi Booth Photo Booth

Instant Photos

The Digi Booth offers instant images that can be paired with beauty filters, custom template overlays, logos or any design you desire! 

You and your guests will have a hoot experimenting with the different features!

Two Girls Takin a Photo

Boomerangs &

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs and Boomerangs are a fan favorite! The experience is entertaining and the perfect addition to any event. A must have for social media posts and sharing!

Digital Props

Don’t care for physical props? No problem! Our Digi Booth offers fun and interactive props all through facial recognition software.

woman wearing digital props

Text & Email Sharing

The Digi Booth allows your guests to instantly share their content via text, email, QR code or Airdrop. Data capture is also available upon request.

text and email sharing feature

Instant Online Album

Every capture is immediately uploaded to a live gallery where you can instantly relive the memories from your event. 

The party doesn’t need to end so soon!

online gallery showcase

Business Branding

Our Digi Booth is a great tool to use for marketing your business at a local or regional community event, expo, or convention! We offer custom branding packages that include branded backdrops, photo booth wrapping, as well as custom photo overlay templates and props!

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly installation options are available.

Business Branding

Fun Engagement that Everyone Loves 

Digi Booth Photo Booth Showcase 1
Digi Booth Photo Booth Showcase 2
Digi Booth Photo Booth Showcase 3

Let’s Get This Party Started

Contact our Houston photo booth company below to take the first step to elevate your gathering!